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Transition complete!

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    Transition complete!

    We are happy to say that Hitnews has completed its upgrade.

    The Good News:
    Retention is complete and up to 2500 days
    All connections are working
    Payment systems up to date
    Security upgraded – our SSL/TLS needed to be adjusted because the previous SSL was outdated

    News with Payments Information
    By moving to a new system, we only transferred the most important information. To protect our users’ information, we did not to rollover the payment history. When you renew your subscription (see coupon code below), you will need to add your payment details. Your payment information can be securely saved for future use as an option.

    Once again, you will receive a reminder by e-mail a few days before your account has expired to prevent a lapse in your membership.

    Our team appreciated your patience and feedback as we transitioned to our new system. We apologize for any inconveniences you had during the move. As always, you are the important part of Team Hitnews, and we value you as a member. We are fully confident that we can offer you the service you deserve.

    As a thank you, please use this coupon code (20% discount) when you renew your membership.

    Power6 (valid for the 6 month power- and the family plan and it expires on August 31 2022)

    Team Hitnews
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